Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inviting Interiors: Pops of Pink

Introducing my newest segment... Inviting Interiors!

Fun, inspiring interior design.  I've always had a passion for interior design.  Get ready for some jaw dropping, wish-inducing interiors! Today's theme: Pops of Pink!

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I love these pink curtains! They are the perfect way to bring in some color, without going overboard.

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An entirely pink wall is probably a little bit more than a pop, but I love this look!  The patterned wall makes the bright pink not as harsh, and paired with white accents it really stands out.  I also love the giant monogram on the wall, baby's first monogram!

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At Dots corporate headquarters, the entryway features some lovely disco-esque dress forms.  A bright pink dress form would be a fabulous addition to any aspiring fashion designer's room!

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Scared of pink overload? Adding a vase of simple pink flowers is a great touch!  Adding flowers to any room can help liven up the space and bring a small pop of color.  I especially love how green the flowers are to bring in some of the green from the kitchen and the pillow.

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I am swooning over this chair! I'm absolutely in love!  I can just imagine this chair paired with some lovely grey walls and a white sofa.  Add a low, modern coffee table with some blue flowers and of course a coffee table book or two and you have a fabulously chic living room!

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Wallpaper is a simple way to bring pattern and color to any room!  I love this damask pattern, mixed with white it brings just the right amount of bright color to the wooden table.  Wallpaper can be a very sophisticated option for decorating with color.

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An unexpected source of color... a very small kitchen!  I would have never thought of doing such a bright pink in a kitchen, especially for the counter tops, but I love this result.  Maybe in a larger kitchen a pink backsplash could be used?  Would you ever use pink in your kitchen?


  1. looks good:)


  2. hey you.
    you should be an interior designer.
    just a thought.



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