Lattes with Liv

Lattes with Liv: March 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday! Happy Weekend! Here's my best of the interwebs for the week:

One | What to Buy for Spring if You're on an Intern's Budget - aka all college students. There's some great finds for spring, all under $50! I love this classic, Valentine Studded Tote - it would be a perfect work bag.

Two | Taco Bell is now serving breakfast. Though I have yet to try it, a breakfast burrito is on my must list! I especially love their new ad campaign - Ronald McDonald loves Taco Bell breakfast. Too funny!

Three | Microsoft announces Office for iPad. I think this is a really interesting announcement. For those who use an iPad, I'm guessing they've found a new way to read & edit documents. I'm curious to see how successful this is. As much as I love Office on my computer, Pages works super well for my iPad and keeps all of the compatibility - I've had zero problems!

Four | I Shouldn't Be Telling You This by Kate White. I just started this on Monday and I'm already on page 113. It's that good! Full review to come.

Five | Words are at a loss with love from ilo inspired. I'm starting to think I will never come across an ilo inspired post I don't love, but I'm completely okay with that! This was a great post about the different types of love and how we feel them - worth the read.

Weekend Wear: Relay for Life

Tonight I am participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life with AOII. The greek community at MSU participates in Relay for Life as a part of greek week. It's a wonderful time the entire greek community comes together, along with other MSU students, to raise money for a worthy cause.

However, staying up all night long is not easy task! It requires a super appropriate outfit.

Friday Fancies: Relay for Life

Stick with yoga pants or leggings paired with super comfy shoes! The key to keeping your outfit chic is all about accessories, a simple necklace and a classy watch help bring the whole look together. Don't be afraid to throw on super colorful sneakers too!

Have you ever participated in a Relay for Life before?


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Art Deco

via medgemont's instagram

Last week I did something completely out of character. I looked at engagement rings on pinterest. More specifically, I looked at vintage, art deco engagement rings on pinterest.

If you follow me, you know I don't have a wedding board, I occasionally (read: rarely) pin something wedding related. But for some reason I got completely swept up in the beauty and uniqueness of these rings!

This headlined my fascination with all things roaring twenties & art deco (The Great Gatsby anyone?). Followed shortly thereafter by the cutest AOII Great Gatsby zip ups (they look almost exactly like the image above, saying AOII of course).

I'm swooning over these handmade earrings. The emerald adds the perfect touch!

A - I love this quote. B - I love this print. C - this will be an absolute must when I put together a gallery wall. Period, end of discussion.

Hello mirror with serious personality! I love the simplicity of this mirror, yet it makes a total statement.

Art deco = beauty in simplicity. It doesn't take much for a statement necklace to win me over, they are my accessory of choice. But boy oh boy do I love this. It's the perfect hint of Gatsby without any color to overwhelm you. Brilliant.

Any Gatsby fans out there?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The You Girl

This semester, I've had lots of conversations about personal branding. It's something frequently talked about in my classes, but I've quickly learned it isn't talked about in all classes! I think it is super key to develop your personal brand, especially in college before you start looking for internships and jobs. However, this can seem like a very daunting task - I promise it isn't!

Everything you do is representative of your brand: social media, resumes, social interactions, what you wear, ect. It's a lot to manage and can easily feel like a lot of pressure. Since I'm all about the KISS principle (keep it simple sweetheart!) I found a simple new way to develop your personal brand. 

Let's start with brands you know & love. Why do you love them? Chances are it's more than just cute clothes, I'm going to venture a guess that you love the values they have as a company even if you don't know exactly what they are. Brands (clothing especially) do a fantastic job of representing their brand through their merchandise and actions without telling you what they stand for. My three favorites? Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade & Matchbook Magazine!

The Lilly girl is always full of surprises. She lives everyday like it's a celebration. Never has a dull moment, and makes every hour a happy hour.

she is quick and curious and playful and strong. she is a voracious reader and a fantastic dancer. she saves old snapshots, but always loses her umbrella. her emails pile up, but she never forgets to call her grandmother. she has $7 in change at the bottom of her handbag.

the matchbook girl... views the world through rose colored glasses • loves to throw dinner parties, but has known to burn the roast • values eccentricity over convention • is the first to laugh at her own bad jokes • knows the cha-cha, the charleston, and the tango • paints her nails bright  coral when she's feeling blue • is infinitely curious • could happily live off of red velvet cake • pens hand written notes to her grandmother • has a signature shade of lipstick • secretly thinks she may be babe paley reincarnated • received an ipad for her birthday, but will never give up her library card • has a bucket list a mile long and dreams a dime a dozen • is smart, but never a show-off • listens to the day's forecast, but trusts her own intuition • never says no to a sunday matinee at the theater • is quick to blush, but never short of a witty reply • has a skip in her step and a twinkle in her eye • always shares her last piece of gum 

Now, beyond having great brands & company values, I choose these three specifically because they sum up their business and customers in the same format. The ____ girl... This is a great way to think about your own personal brand. Who are you & what makes you, you? 

The three above are all fun examples, but if you want this to apply to your career, which it most certainly can, make sure you tailor your statements appropriately! 

The Lattes with Liv girl... 

Will never turn down Sunday brunch 

Always has a handwritten to do list 

Appreciates the art of letter writing 

Keeps emergency bus fare in the bottom of her handbag 

Has infinite wanderlust 

Loves a problem to solve 

Listens thoughtfully but isn't afraid to speak up

Is task oriented but can always see the big picture

Lives everyday as an adventure 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I can't believe it was February when I last posted. To say this semester has been a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement! Rather than picking a theme, I figured I would share some of my recent favorites & what I've been up to.

One | Happy Belated First Day of Spring! I'm beyond excited for the upcoming weather, hopefully it will warm up soon. 

Two | When I'm in a funk, my go-to fix is early to bed with Netflix. Two movies I've seen recently that I highly recommend? The Sapphires & Syrup. The Sapphires was a great film about family dynamics filled with lots of song (I cried at the end!). Where Syrup was a sassy take on marketing and what makes us buy certain products - it totally appealed to the marketing junkie in me. 

Three | Over spring break, I took advantage of my downtime to pick up a book. It's been ages since I read for fun, so I really appreciated it. I read The Paris Wife and highly recommend it. Told from the perspective of Earnest Hemmingway's wife - it tells tales of their lives before he was famous and as he became famous. 

Four | Internship hunting. Isn't it so much fun? While I've been searching for opportunities, I've been ever so grateful for indeed & huntsy. Indeed helps you find opportunities by searching across a large number of job posting sites and you can search by keyword (marketing intern) and/or location. Get creative with your keywords and you can find loads of opportunities! Huntsy then helps you keep track of all your applications. Input the jobs to huntsy and track your progress - when you apply, following up, scheduled interviews, ect. It's great to keep everything organized!

Five | Last but not least, today is my half birthday! In exactly six months I'll be turning 21, which means I need to make some moves on my 21 bucket list.

Happy Friday!