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Lattes with Liv: December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

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As I scrolled through my blog feed this morning, I read post after post about New Year's Eve.  They were filled with resolutions, years in review and outfit inspiration for tonight.  The end of the year brings about a time of review and for some, a fresh start.

2012 was quite the year.

I visited Disney World, again. 

I completed my freshman year at MSU.

I started The Classy Collegiate

I moved to Nashville for two months. 

I finally read for fun. (& I finished: Harry Potter books 2-6)

I hosted the first giveaway on the blog. (Thank you to all who entered & made it a success!!)

Plus so much more!

Thank you to all that have followed along with the blog and who have supported me this year, especially when I needed it most.

What did you accomplish is 2012?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Inviting Interiors: Holiday Decor

I feel that an inviting interiors post is long over due, and what better theme than holiday decor?  Here's a round up of my favorite, not seen everyday, ideas!


I love the simplicity of hanging candy canes in a window.  Paired with garland, this is a perfect, simple way to encourage a holiday spirit!

Hosting a holiday party?  May I suggest a dessert bar with candy jars?  This would also be wonderful as a centerpiece to dinner party. Or just a fun countertop decoration!

Here's another really simple decoration!  You need: jars, greenery of any kind, cranberries, a floating candle & water.  A 5 ingredient decoration!  This is much fancier than the candy canes, but not any more difficult.  I love how pretty the end result is.

It's no secret that I love desktop publishing and design.  I'm a giant sucker for subway art & typography.  Simple colors, powerful message.  You really can't go wrong.  The best part of this?  You can download them & print them to use yourself!

Lastly, even though it isn't necessarily decor, I couldn't skip over this one!  This would be a perfect platter to deliver holiday cookies on.  I love the holidays because it means lots of baking!  (It also means I'll be home & CAN bake!)  Just arrange starlight mints in a circle with a pretty design & bake to melt them together.  Plus, you don't have to worry about getting plates back or send cookies on ugly paper plates!

What's your favorite piece of holiday decor?


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Problems

Have you heard of @LittleProblems?  Well, you're in for a treat if you haven't!

Here is @LittleProblems in a nutshell: 

This started as project to keep the founder busy while her boyfriend was deployed and has turned into a multi-thousand follower twitter account with merchandise!  However, I think she tells the story best, so here is my Q&A with @LittleProblems:

Q: What inspired you to start @LittleProblems?
A: I started Little Problems because I couldn't find an account like it. On my personal Twitter, I try to follow accounts that a relevant to my own interests. I have a great relationship with my Big and hoped to find a Twitter account that was based on things like that so her and I could laugh about them. So when I couldn't find one, I started one. I never thought anyone would actually follow it or like it, so to see it grow and have over 8,000 people following it is amazing!

Q: When & Why did you decide to add merchandise to go along with the twitter?
A:  Shortly after I started the account in May, people began to ask me if I was going to make merchandise and I had absolutely no intentions on doing so. Honestly, it just sounded like a headache to me. My boyfriend is in the Army and in June we found out that he would be deploying in the fall. My grandbig's husband had recently deployed and she stressed how important it was for me to stay busy. So I thought maybe I could start selling merchandise and it could keep me busy while he was away. I never started with any intentions of making money, I just want to make time go by as quickly as possible until my boyfriend gets home. Because I was lucky enough to have that opportunity, I think it's extremely important to pass that good fortune along to someone else which is why we donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. I actually don't make any money from Little Problems. 

Q: What's your best advice for collegiate entrepreneurs?
A:  My best advice is to be dedicated. If you're going to start a business of any kind, for profit or not, you need to be dedicated. It's also important to be willing to accept help. I have an AMAZING group of women that make up the Little Problems team who help me more than they'll ever know. Another really important thing to remember is that there will be people who aren't so supportive. You just have to use that negative energy to drive you forward, just so later you can look back at them and tell them they were wrong.

Q: Who has been your biggest supporter through this endeavor? 
A: My biggest supporter since the beginning has been my boyfriend. When I first told him I made the account, he thought it was really cool. When I told him I was thinking about making merchandise, he said it was an amazing idea and that he wanted me to send him Little Problems merchandise while he was deployed so he could rep it. Even now, mid-deployment, every time I talk to him he asks how business is and how the team is doing. He wants me to continue Little Problems even after he gets back. The team is also SUCH a support system. Each member is constantly asking how they can help me more and anything I ask them to do gets done with 150% effort. The Little Problems team has grown into a family and support me, each other, and Little Problems to no end. Without my boyfriend and the team, Little Problems probably wouldn't exist. 

I absolutely love that the sale of merchandise goes towards charity, even better, our troops!   Little Problems offers two koozies on the website

How cute?!?!  I'm obsessed & totally want one! If you're obsessed as I am, you can buy one on the Little Problems website, or enter to win one! (They're also on sale for the holiday season!)

@LittleProblems has generously offered up a koozie to give away.  You can enter here:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Signs it's Almost Finals Week

Here at MSU, we're a mere 4 days away from the dreaded finals week!  Everyone around campus starts to act a little bit strange, with the anticipation of finals week.  Here are a couple of signs I've noticed around campus that signify that it's that time of year again.

1. There are people sleeping on the bus.  Everyone is sleep deprived & some have even taken to cat naps on the bus.

2. Everyone is now a member of Club Lib.  Even if they have never visited the library before now this semester.

3. You start to notice a lot more coffee cups.  Need. Caffeine.

From my instagram

4. There is a massive influx of instagrams of coffee & energy drinks. (See #3) Also, usually from the library.

5. Wardrobes go to the extremes.  You're dressed to the nines or you're in sweatpants.

6. YouTube videos of cats appear on your Newsfeed.  Well, more videos than usual.

7. There starts to be a lot more people crying.  So much stress. People also start to reevaluate their life choices, like their majors.

8. There is also a lot of excitement!  The semester is finally over! Also, a lot of people are just thankful to have survived.

9.  Everywhere is a quiet zone.  No more noise here.

10. Everyone is generally stressed out.

What are some other signs it's finals week?

Good luck on all your finals!