Lattes with Liv

Lattes with Liv: February 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lessons Learned as President of My Sorority

Last year I did one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have ever done. I served as Chapter President of my sorority. It was an incredibly challenging year and I learned so much about myself, my chapter and leadership.

  1. You become a 24/7 therapist to the entire chapter.
  2. Things will never go exactly according to plan. 
  3. The standards chair is your new BFF. 
  4. It's not an easy job. 
  5. It's actually really really hard. 
  6. But it's also worth it. 
  7. Everything will crash and burn at the same time. It's inevitable. Just keep breathing. 
  8. Keep Calm & Carry On. 
  9. You will probably end up sobbing on the phone with your advisor. 
  10. Recognize that life goes on & don't forget to remind everyone else of this fact. 
  11. When your email address gets put on the internet, you'll get lots of interesting emails. It's completely okay to graciously thank the sender for thinking of you & your chapter and not waste anyone else's time with them.
  12. Some weeks you become the most popular person in the chapter. Those are probably not good weeks. 
  13. Keep smiling! 
  14. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.
  15. The past chapter president is the only person who has a clue how hard this is, they can be super helpful! Also, remember this when your term is done. 
  16. You must hold people accountable. 
  17. Playing Devil's Advocate becomes super annoying to all of the officers, but ensures they think through all the possibilities. 
  18. Always think about what will be best for the chapter as a whole, not you or your best friends. 
  19. Your opinion will not always be a popular one. 
  20. Don't forget to have fun! 
  21. Communication is key. Encourage all of the officers to over communicate.
  22. You are the chapter cheerleader! There is a positive side to everything.
  23. When something doesn't go well, or as planned, figure out why so it doesn't happen again.
  24. It's completely acceptable to take time for yourself. 
  25. Using and living the values your organization has given you makes all the difference. 
Any recovering presidents have any additional advice or lessons learned?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Realigning Your Universe

Ever have the days when you wake up determined to have a good day and it seems like everything in the Universe is against you? They might just be worse than Monday's (and you might as well give up when they happen on a Monday!). Mine happened on a Tuesday & the universe gave me everything it had - rain, cold, a busy work shift, loads of homework, sorority problems to be solved. But no matter what, I was bound and determined to make it a good day (or at the very least, settle for a not terrible day). 

Here's my tricks to help realign your universe when it seems like the world is against you. 

Take a Walk | If the weather isn't terrible, taking a short walk can be a total game changer for your day. It gets blood pumping (hello endorphins!) and gives you some time to clear your head. Pick a 10-15 minute route and hit the pavement!

Treat Yourself | Sometimes the best cure to a bad day is a special treat. You don't have to go big - a cookie or scoop of ice cream will work. Finding a small happiness will help change your perspective on the rest of the day.

Get Organized | When I have days like this, I feel like everything is spiraling out of control. By spending just 10 minutes to reorganize my brain and write a fresh to-do list, I feel like I can take on the world. Focus on small, achievable tasks if you're getting frustrated.

Meditate | Taking 10 minutes for yourself can change your whole perspective. I love to use Headspace to guide a quick meditation before taking on the rest of my day.

What tricks do you use to realign your universe?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Essentials

Winter is not going away any time soon, unfortunately. Despite my general dislike for the season, I'm always determined to be as prepared as possible when facing the elements. There have been a many a time when walking through a blizzard was necessary to get to class (#MichiganProblems). In addition to the necessary winter accessories, I've rounded up my essentials for survival of the cold weather. 

Travel Mug | My favorite solution to a freezing day is a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Warm beverages are key to keeping the cold away and a cute mug helps to brighten your day. 

Tylenol | Ever had a headache from the cold? It's no fun! I always keep some tylenol in my bag to keep away the dreaded aches. 

Aquaphor | Bleeding, chapped lips = no fun at all. I keep mine refreshed with lots and lots of aquifer. I feel like I'm constantly applying, but I hate chapped lips.

Static Guard | Cold means lots of dry air which also means lots of static. I will admit to putting static guard directly on my hair because it was standing on end! I like to keep a bottle around for when my coat or knits get super staticy. Prefer an on the go option? They also make a  travel sized bottle. 

Tissue purse pack | Runny noses and sniffles be gone! You also never know when else tissues will come in handy.

Cetaphil | Two winters ago, I was walking home from class and my face was in pain from the wind. I was in so much pain, I stopped at a CVS on the way home to pick up some cetaphil for heavy duty moisturizing. It's been a godsend ever since. Best used at night since it's so thick.

What are your essentials for surviving the cold?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It's officially February, which means Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Whether you have a valentine or are celebrating with your favorite girls, I think it's so much fun to send valentines! Everyone loves a handwritten note and it's the perfect time of year to send a little extra love to those you don't see every day. I've pulled together some of my favorite options:

Owl Be Your Friend Forever | This is such a cute craft from Michaels. With so many owl pun possibilities, you could make a custom card for each of your recipients. Handmade cards are also a nice extra touch to show you care.

I {Really Like} You | For the short on time, or not a fan of snail mail, enter the e-card! This card is nice because its free and you can pick your message for the front plus add a custom message to the back.

Frozen Valentines | Because Frozen. Take a throwback to elementary school and send these cheesy, but fun valentines to your friends.

XOXO | A tad more classy than the Frozen Valentines, these cards make a great platform to write a heartfelt note to your besties.

Love Card Collection | This pack of cards comes with 8 different adorable options. These don't all scream Valentine's Day so this would be a great pack to send love notes all year long!

Looking for some other ways to spread the love? How about some super cute phone backgrounds? The May Designs Blog has lots of cute phone and computer options. I also found this simple February calendar that I'm using as my lock screen for the month:


How will you be spreading the love this Valentine's Day?